Impact of Higher Education Institutions on Regional Economies: A Joint Research Initiative




Research Brief Series

This research brief series is intended to provide overviews of different strands of research associated with the Impact of Higher Education Institutions on Regional Economies research initiative.

1. Investigating Business University-Linkages  

2. The Impact of Economics and Quality of Life on Graduate Flows and Subsequent Innovative Capacity of Cities in the UK

3. Do university-business collaborations make firms more innovative and increase the competitiveness of regional economies?

4. Students as Catalysts for City and Regional Growth

5. How has devolution affected the knowledge economy in Scotland and in Wales?

6. A new approach to valuing University public, cultural and community engagement

7. Can universities help integrate excluded communities into the new knowledge economy?

8. Universities and excluded communities; routes toward collective learning

9. Making space for excluded communities: community learning in a Scottish University

10. Building social capital in the inner city: university-community engagement at Liverpool Hope University

11.University research can lead to wide-reaching social innovations: Salford University and the Moneyline project

12. Wealth generated by universities varies according to location and type of institution

13. Understanding the diversity of Higher Education Institutions could make more effective innovation systems

14. The expenditure impact of universities on the Scottish economy varies greatly: different sources of funding are the cause of the variation.

15. Universities' role in regional transformation depends on local context.

16. Knowledge exchange needs to support the diversity of relationships between academia and business

17.Graduates significantly enhance productivity and economic activity in Scotland.

18. Technology Transfer is the tip of the iceberg of university engagement

19. Public sector budget constraints reduce the expenditure impact of universities on the Scottish economy, but not as much as sceptics think.


Research Briefs were prepared by Catriona Bass, drawing on working papers, reports and articles  written by initiative researchers and the final briefs were approved by the individual researchers.

Catriona Bass is a freelance writer and consultant, specialising in knowledge exchange and public engagement of research. Contact: