Impact of Higher Education Institutions on Regional Economies: A Joint Research Initiative



Initiative Coordination

The joint coordinators of the Impact of Higher Education Institutions on Regional Economies initiative are Ursula Kelly and Peter McGregor of the University of Strathclyde.

Link to the Coordination ESRC Award Page

The purpose of the coordination was two-fold:

  • to  provide an enabling framework for the exchange of knowledge and interim research findings among award holders so that a mutually supportive research community of award-holders can be created and sustained  
  • to encourage interested  policy professionals and stakeholders to engage with the initiative, to highlight potentially relevant research findings and support their speedy dissemination to the policy community

The coordinators  maintained regular contact with both the research groups and with the core funder stakeholders, seeking  to ensure ongoing relevance and identification  of potential relevance of the research outputs to the higher education policies of both devolved and central government administrations.